Using Technology to Lower Energy Costs

Entercom continues to make significant investments in Modulation-Dependent Carrier Level technology, or MDCL, at some of our AM stations across the country. MDCL enables Entercom to cut energy consumption, while maintaining the exact same signal and audio strength.

After a successful pilot test in Buffalo, Entercom rolled out energy-saving MDCL technology at eight AM stations. By investing in this technology, we have reduced our energy costs by almost $100,000 annually and significantly decreased our impact on the planet. 

“MDCL allows our big AM transmitters to deliver the same amount of audio strength but do it more efficiently. Over the last year, we have saved up to 40 percent on our power bills at our bigger AM radio stations using the new MDCL technology, while maintaining the exact same signal strength,” said Ken Beck, Entercom Vice-President for Technical Operations.