Grocery Retailer Sees $13 Million Increase in Revenue

shawsObjective: Shaw’s Star Market, a major New England grocery retailer in the greater Boston area, was losing customers and market share to the largest retailer in the market, and Red Sox team sponsor, Stop and Shop. At the time, Stop and Shop had a much broader footprint and outspent Shaw’s four fold in media. Shaw’s Star Market needed a clever strategy to help them stand out from the competition.

Solution: Partnering together, Entercom and Shaw’s developed a unique concept to give Shaw’s exclusive rights to the Red Sox Radio Network on Entercom’s own WEEI. Full media and marketing integration throughout the season included a custom logo, in store signage, weekly in-store sweepstakes and employee incentive programs, and powerful talent endorsements from Joe Castiglione, the radio announcer for the Boston Red Sox. Shaw’s activated the campaign in circular and in-store, and gave customers opportunities to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like the Red Sox Jr. Broadcaster.

RESULTS: Designed to introduce Shaw’s Star Market to a wider and broader audience than just the in stadium fans, the campaign had an immediate impact. In the first year alone, Shaw’s saw an increase in brand recall and in private label product sales.   Ten years later the partnership continues to grow and the results for Shaw’s are even more impressive. Shaw’s Star Market has seen a $13 Million increase in Revenue and 68% of fans surveyed believe Shaw’s to be a Red Sox Team Sponsor. The creative approach worked and has given Shaw’s significant increase in brand recognition, and brand perception.