Entercom Norfolk cleans up the Chesapeake

Eric “Romo” Romanowski has been our champion and a great leader and a green example.

Entercom Clean the Bay Day 2014As part of Entercom’s 1 Thing pledge, and as an industry leader in sustainability and environmental protection, Entercom Norfolk partnered up with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for their very own Clean The Bay Day. Nearly 40 employees took a bus to Sarah Constant Beach in Norfolk and picked up litter throughout the area for several hours. Nearly 125 lbs. of trash was collected consisting of cigarette butts, fast food wrappers, bottle caps, and more. Every year, 1.9 billion tons of litter ends up in the ocean and $11.5 billion dollars are spent to help clean up that litter, which is why Entercom Norfolk volunteered their time and efforts to help ‘Keep Norfolk Beautiful’.