Entercom Commemorates Earth Day 2013 by Planting 3,450 Trees Across the Country

To celebrate Earth Day 2013 and honor all of our employees, Entercom partnered with Conservation International on their new campaign “Protect the Planet that Provides”.  Climate change is one of the greatest environmental issues of our time and our tropical forests act as the Earth’s lungs: absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, making them a vital part of the planet’s life-support system.

To help combat the problem of global warming Entercom planted 150 trees in each of our 23 markets across the country, 3,450 in total.  Planting trees to restore these forests helps to ensure the benefits forests provide—such as job opportunities, fresh water and climate stability—are available for generations to come. 

We invite you to watch Conservation International’s video and take the pledge to Protect the Planet that Provides.