Entercom Commemorates Earth Day By “Saving” Miles of Ocean

To commemorate Earth Day and honor our employees, Entercom will be “saving” one cubic mile of ocean per market, or 23 cubic miles. The ocean is the Earth’s primary life support system – every living being on the planet relies on the ocean.

The Earth’s incredible oceans face threats from multiple sources – overfishing, pollution, and climate change, to name a few.

Save a Mile supports Conservation International’s global efforts, which include protecting the oceans from these threats.


A Healthy Ocean:

  • Gives us medicines that help treat diseases like cancer
  • Provides the oxygen for 4 of 5 breaths we take
  • Serves as home to millions of species, from sharks to sea turtles
  • Provides the main source of protein for more than 1 billion people

Yet despite these crucial benefits for all life on Earth, our oceans are threatened like never before. More than half of fisheries are fully exploited, and one-third of reef-building corals are threatened with extinction.

Conservation International’s Global Marine Division is addressing these challenges head on, conducting the science we need to make informed decisions and designing innovative solutions to counter the challenges facing the ocean.

Through a donation on behalf of Entercom’s employees, Save a Mile will help support CI’s efforts globally, including the ocean habitats that foster amazing species and provide incredible benefits for us all.

Everyday Solutions:

  • Eat sustainable seafood caught or farmed in an environmentally sustainable way
  • Take part in a beach or river clean up
  • Don’t use plastic bags or bottles and use less plastic in general