Entercom and Staples Team Up To Go Green

One of Entercom’s environmental initiatives is to convert office supplies across the country to “green products” wherever possible. As a result of its green initiatives and mandates, Entercom has grown to one of the largest green accounts in the nation for Staples, and the largest in the country relative to size of its spend. Today, an impressive 55% of all supplies ordered by Entercom are green.

“A lot of places want to be green, but no one has embraced it to the extent that Entercom has,” says Mark Bontempo, Account Manager with Staples.”[Entercom] puts its money behind what it says. It’s not just cosmetic, it’s all the way.”

Each market uses slightly different materials, so a big part of the relationship has consisted of matching needs with products. Copy paper was the leading green product (100% of Entercom’s copy paper is now recycled), followed by recycled three-tab file folders, recycled toner cartridges, and writing pads. Even Post It Notes are recycled paper. In addition, the company has mandated that there be no orders under $50, reducing fuel usage on supply deliveries and helping with cost as well.

“The nature of the industry is that every month manufacturers are putting out a new green product,” Bontempo says. “If there is a like item, then we try to work out a way to add to the contract. Entercom’s 55% is just going to increase.”

In addition to supplies, Entercom is making a difference on the demand side. With a conversion to paperless logs, order forms, and sales proposals, the company has reduced its paper consumption by a third.