‘Beyond Reality Radio,’ Hosted By Jason Hawes And Jv Johnson, Debuts On Entercom Radio Stations On August 1

Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes to reunite on August 1 episode for first live, public event since Wilson left Ghost Hunters

 ‘Beyond Reality Radio’ will broadcast in ten Entercom markets: Austin / KJCE; Boston / WRKO; Buffalo / WBEN; Denver / KEZW; Gainesville / WSKY; Greenville / WYRD; Kansas City / KMBZ; New Orleans / WWL; Wichita / KNSS; Wilkes-Barre / WILK

 New York, NY – Entercom Communications (NYSE: ETM) will launch its first live, syndicated radio program, “Beyond Reality Radio,” (BRR) a two-hour talk show about the paranormal, beginning on August 1, airing Monday through Thursdays, live in each time zone (12 am – 2 am ET; 11pm – 1 am CT; 10 pm – 12 am MT). Co-hosted by Jason Hawes, co-founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and creator and star of Syfy’s blockbuster hit Ghost Hunters, and JV Johnson, a long-time paranormal investigator and current publisher and editor of TAPS ParaMagazine, “Beyond Reality Radio” delves into the normal, the abnormal, the paranormal, and everything that falls in-between, including pop culture topics.

Entercom stations that will carry the program are KJCE/Austin, WRKO/Boston, WBEN/Buffalo, KEZW/Denver, WSKY/Gainesville, WYRD/Greenville, KMBZ/Kansas City, WWL/New Orleans, KNSS/Wichita and WILK/Wilkes-Barre.

Each episode will be archived and available online at the websites of the aforementioned stations.

The first episode airing on Entercom stations will feature Grant Wilson, Hawes’s former castmate on Ghost Hunters and founder with Hawes of TAPS, as a guest. It is the first time that Wilson and Hawes have been together for a live, publicly broadcast event since Wilson left Ghost Hunters in 2012 after eight seasons.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Entercom so that we’ll be able to reach even more of our fans, and connect with those who are interested in or curious about the paranormal in a variety of ways, in real time,” said Hawes. “To have Grant on the first show on Entercom on August 1 is a great way to celebrate this new venture. We’re dear friends and have always been in touch since he left Ghost Hunters, but we haven’t done any live events together since 2012, so I know our fans will really enjoy it.”

“Radio has a long history of programs about the paranormal, dating back to the 1920s, so it’s very exciting to bring BRR to the airwaves with Entercom and continue this tradition, but with a contemporary twist,” said JV Johnson. “We’ll be engaging with our listeners not only through call-in, but through our digital platforms. So while we’re reaching a larger audience, we’re also creating a community with which we’re intimately connected.”

“This is our innovative take on a classic paranormal show that is targeted to reach a younger and broader audience,” said Pat Paxton, President of Programming at Entercom. “Jason Hawes and JV Johnson bring a level of sophistication to the conversation and expertise that appeal to a wide range of people, from those who are deeply involved in the paranormal and maybe have had their own experiences, to those who are simply curious about the unexplained.”

Hawes made paranormal investigation a mainstream, pop culture phenomenon when Ghost Hunters premiered on SyFy in 2004 and became the channel’s most popular original program, drawing millions of viewers each week. The TAPS web site has 90 million visitors annually and Hawes has co-authored six New York Times bestseller books. He is one of the most sought after experts on the paranormal and has appeared on numerous TV shows, including Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The View, Today, Ellen, South Park and many others.

JV Johnson is a long time radio personality, radio station owner, paranormal investigator and paranormal journalist. He is currently publisher and editor of the world’s leading paranormal magazine, TAPS ParaMagazine, as well as promoter and organizer of SCARE-A-CON – a world-class horror and paranormal fan convention.

Each episode of BRR presents a real-time, interactive discussion about the stranger side of life—including ghosts, UFOs, psychic phenomenon, cryptozoology and more, featuring A-list guests from the world of the paranormal, and engages with listeners through call-in, chat rooms and Facebook.

Learn more about “Beyond Reality Radio” at: http://beyondrealityradio.com.


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