Keeping Sacramento Fresh: Giving Voice to the Farm-to-Fork Movement

eat-f2fThe concept of farm-to-fork eating is nothing new to locals in Northern California’s Sacramento region. The area has always been an important national agribusiness hub, sustaining around 6,400 jobs in food manufacturing, grocery and farm-related wholesalers and representing a $3 billion industry in the region.

A growing national trend toward sustainable agriculture prompted the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB) to capitalize on this strength. The SCVB created the Farm-to-Fork Program, highlighting the farms, restaurants, organizations and individuals that contribute to the local culinary and agricultural landscapes. In 2012, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson declared the region America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, rebranding the city as a world-class center for pioneering agricultural change.

In 2014, Entercom Sacramento partnered with the SCVB to engage the Farm-to-Fork message with our listening audience and ultimately the whole of the Sacramento Region. After compiling listener surveys, we identified a need for a central engagement engine that would educate the market and create partnerships and exposure through constant on-air, digital, social and experiential involvement. We recognized the need for a website that would tell the story of the Farm-to-Fork movement on a local level and highlight the efforts of everyday people and organizations within the community. (Eat F2F) launched in August of 2015. An online directory of local restaurants, breweries, wineries, farms, markets, events and current topics, its mission is to help locals find, connect with and share their food and culture. With the tagline “Keep Sacramento Fresh,” Eat F2F is dedicated to cultivating local pride and spreading the word about Sacramento’s amazing food scene and agricultural contributions locally and globally. As of September 2016, the Eat F2F website had an average of 3,000 pageviews, with 85% being new visitors. Its Facebook page reach is over 20,000 people, and an average of 40,000 consumers receive the EF2F e-newsletter each month.

By investing resources in local markets through innovative ideas like Eat Farm-to-Fork, Entercom shows that we understand and believe in our local communities. It shows that we are willing to be innovators and move our cities toward a more prosperous future.

Eat Farm-to-Fork is just one of many local stories showcasing Entercom’s nation-wide 1Thing environmental initiative.

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