Denver Celebrates Earth Day with E-Recycling Event

sound-entercom-denver-e-recycleEarth Day 2016 was a smash hit for the Denver community. Entercom and Cruisin’ 1430 KEZW partnered with the local Havana Business Improvement District to create a free Earth Day Electronic Recycling Event called SOUND – “Save Our Underground NOW Denver.” Through on-air promotional spots and other marketing, local residents were informed of responsible recycling practices and invited to drop off their outdated audio and visual equipment for free at a central location in celebration of Earth Day. The event, sponsored by the Havana BID, utilized the recycling services of Techno+Rescue, a Colorado Veteran-owned and operated full-service Green IT company, further embracing the power of local community.

By keeping outdated electronics out of landfills, responsible recycling reduces energy demand from mining and manufacturing. Colorado is among many U.S. states that have adopted e-waste recycling laws, making it illegal to dispose of electronics in the trash. Entercom Denver’s SOUND Earth Day event increased awareness of environmental practices while helping residents declutter their homes at no cost to them.

Entercom Denver is no stranger to green practices. In a recent move designed to reduce dependency on the power grid and showcase the power of renewable energy, Entercom and Cruisin’ 1430 KEZW installed 40 solar panels in Littleton, Colorado. As a result, the 100-kilowatt solar array at Cruisin’ 1430 AM is powered by the sun and monthly energy costs have dropped 80%. “Cruisin’ 1430 is leading the way in the use of renewable energy and operating our transmitter with solar power,” said Rick Crandall, Cruisin’ 1430 KEZW Program Director and host of the Breakfast Club. We celebrate good times and great oldies by using the most advanced 21st century technology to power our signal.”

Cruisin’ 1430’s participation in the SOUND Earth Day Electronic Recycling Event is just one of many local stories showcasing Entercom’s nation-wide 1Thing environmental initiative. At Entercom, we believe that little things can make a big impact. If everyone would do one thing to improve the environment every day, our world would be a better place to live in for generations to come.

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