The Entercom
Environmental Pledge

Entercom is an industry leader in sustainability, environmental protection, and a role model for corporate citizenship. Through our 1THING initiative, Entercom is committed to promoting good environmental practices both internally with employees, as well as externally with our listeners and business partners.


We believe in the power of 1THING.

If everyone would do one thing to improve the environment every day, our world would be a better place to live in for generations to come. For years Entercom has embarked on a results orientated plan to become more energy efficient, promote environmental causes, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainability Starts With 1THING

What is Your 1THING?

What is Your 1THING?

Watch top celebrities and musicians discuss what their 1THING is to help the Environment.

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A Record of Results

Obtaining real results.  That’s what our 1THING initiative is all about.  In just a few short years Entercom and our employees are proud of what we have accomplished.  Some of our accomplishments include:

Energy-Efficient Lighting Program

Each market conducted a lighting assessment, implemented a comprehensive change-out program replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL or LED lighting, and developed systems to reduce energy consumption.

Paper Saving Systems

All Entercom markets use 100% post-consumer recycled paper and changed printing methods to utilize PDF files, e-faxing, and e-invoicing to reduce paper use.


All offices recycle aluminum, glass, plastic, toner cartridges, as well as paper, and each desk has an individual bin for paper recycling.

Kitchen and Bathroom Areas

Entercom uses no disposable cups, plates, or flatware. Reusable items are available, paper supplies should be recycled, and all coffee and tea are certified organic and/or fair trade.

Electronic Office Equipment

Entercom implemented best practices on shutting down computers and other equipment, screen savers, power strips, and disposal of old equipment.

Temperature Settings

All heaters are set at 68, air conditioners at 72, water heaters below 110 and refrigerators at 37. Markets that do not currently have “smart” HVAC systems are investigating the possibility of attaining them.

Office Cleaning

All products used for cleaning are “green.”

Vehicle Procurement

All markets are working to reduce vehicle fleets and when a new vehicle is needed, purchasing a hybrid or best-in-class energy-efficient vehicle.

$4 Million in Environmental Grants

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Entercom made $3 million in combined advertising grants to Conservation International, The Wilderness Society and In addition, each Entercom market selected a local environmental organization they wanted to support and partnered with them on PSAs. The list includes the Charles River Conservancy in Boston and the Energy Center in Wisconsin to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in Norfolk and the Wild Salmon Center in Portland. In total, these grants reflect another $1 million in donated airtime.

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